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Kitchen Remodeling Economics

One of the most important goal when considering kitchen remodeling, cabinet refacing, cabinet painting or staining, installing new countertops or kitchen renovation is - What is ROI, how much $$$ can I recoup when I resell the house?

Kitchen renovations typically have a 65 to 80% return on investment when you resell—but that too can vary depending on materials, features, and budgets.

But there are some other very important factors involved when you thing about kitchen remodeling or renovation. If this is your dream kitchen, go ahead and try out those custom white, grey or green-painted or stained cabinets. But if you’re focused on resale, remember that trends change (and what you adore right now) you might not be so attractive to a potential buyer. That means you can’t follow only current trends, you’ve just got to know which features are best for long-term, too.

Brand-name cabinets, countertops and appliances are very important and it is very costly to change them as trends change. Having brand name cabinets, countertops and appliances in the kitchen is similar to having a nice car in your garage. It is of paramount importance to know what trends and materials are of the moment and how they might change in a foreseeable future? Those questions need to be asked the pros.

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