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Kitchen Island Or Peninsula: Which Is Better?

During any kitchen renovation project, the most initial is to understand the basic layout of your home so you could remodel your kitchen with the best possible design. But this thing also raises a very prominent question of what’s better- the peninsula or Kitchen Island. But the answer to it doesn’t depend on the personal choice of an individual but rather on what suits best the space an individual has got and what exactly is the structure of the room one possesses. Kitchen remodeling master provides some of the most affordable kitchen renovations in San Diego County and our team is always ready to help you and advise you about the best choice to make in the same regard.

Kitchen Island Vs. Peninsula

So before we get into this tussle, let us just put some light on the relevance of the kitchen in our families. It is certainly one of the liveliest places in our homes and that’s where we usually tend to spend most of the time with our family, mainly because who doesn’t like to sit with their loved one for a good meal together?

The Kitchen Island

One of the most prominent concepts of the kitchen is certainly the kitchen island. It’s a pretty large and free space with no borders where you get a lot of counter space, a good space to sit and hand out with your loved ones, a good amount of storage space, and all the other luxury amenities included which you can imagine.


The basic difference which makes it easy to distinguish between an island kitchen and a peninsula is that an inland kitchen is a free-standing place whereas a peninsula is generally attached to the wall on a side. The island kitchen is also larger when compared to a peninsula which is a more compact version where every little space is smartly bought into use.

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Kitchen Island Vs. Peninsula Deciding Factors

Both the kitchen island and the peninsula are important in their aspects but when it comes to decision-making, there are a few factors that could play an important role in taking the right decision which suits you perfectly.

  • Your Kitchen’s Available Space

Both these kitchen concepts try to provide an ample amount of space for easy flow of the work. But island kitchens often lose a point when it comes to the kitchen triangle which is the space between your sink, refrigerator, and cooking area. It becomes difficult to pass from all the 3 sides during a similar scenario. While the peninsula in a similar case is much more open. The island kitchen, therefore, needs a good space to ensure good clearance space from all sides.

  • Personal Preference And Home Habits

It all comes down to an individual preference when selecting the type of model for your kitchen. if you prefer an open floor plan to get a large space, an island kitchen will suit the best. While if you wish to create a distinction between your living space and the cooking area then the peninsula fits in well.

  • Installation Costs

When it comes to installation cost, Kitchen Island tends to be a more expensive choice in comparison to the peninsulas. A kitchen island would also require more appliances and amenities that fit in easily so it costs more according to the choices you end up making.

Kitchen Remodeling Masters provides some of the most affordable kitchen renovations in San Diego County and we would be glad to help you with your next kitchen project.

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